We began exhibiting our boxes and woodcrafts at arts and crafts fairs in 2006.

John Gay has been making boxes for over 15 years, and currently has a large basement workshop in our home in McDonough, GA.  John handcrafts his fine keepsake and jewelry boxes from carefully selected domestic and imported woods, using hand and power tools. He also uses salvaged wood, such as from storm-downed trees, in some of the boxes. Most of the boxes are finished with oil and wax, a few are dyed and lacquered.

The quality John puts into these boxes shows in the matched grain patterns, precise hand-made joints, and clean design.

Paula Todd does the woodburning for T & G Woodworking.  She does all the burning by hand, including the
"T & G Woodworking" signature you see on the bottoms of the boxes, with a set of pyrographic pens.  Paula designs ornaments and plaques on various woods, including home-grown holly which John prepares in slices, and she does hand-woodburned designs on these and on some of the box lids by hand, and adds watercolor accents to the ornaments.

John has a Bachelor's degree in History from Georgia Southwestern University, and a Master's in Industrial Arts from the University of Georgia.  After serving in the Navy in the 1970's, he was a teacher of high school and middle school in Georgia for almost 30 years before retiring in 2005.

Paula has a Bachelor's in Mathematics from Syracuse University, and an MBA in Finance from New York University.  She was a financial analyst at a large insurance company for 19 years, and later was a tax preparer for 8 years, leaving in 2008 to concentrate on the arts and crafts festivals.
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Paula's woodburning in progress
John at work in his shop
Making Christmas ornaments
Pencil sketching finished and outline burning started.
Outlines burned.  Shading starting.  Bear is being done with dots (pointillism)
More shading and fill.
Burning finally done and paint accents started.
Latest ornamenst finished.  The clear spray finish is mostly dry, but needs to sit (or cure) for about 3 days, then ready for new homes! (Except the ones I'm keeping, of course....)
Rough pencil sketch to start.
Two new boxes in progress.
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