The Canoe Shop

John is no longer making canoes, but I've left the page up to show what he hs done in the past.

Our canoes are made from straight grain, knot free, western red cedar.  Each strip is routed with a modified tongue and groove, called a canoe joint, that allows the strips to fit together tightly on the canoe's curves.  The hull is covered with 6-oz. fiberglass and epoxy inside and out and finished with three coats of marine varnish, providing UV protection.

Seat frames, gunwales, decks, and trim are typically made of ash, but other hardwoods are available.  Solid brass half oval strips protect the stems, and all other hardware is also brass.

Seat options include hand woven cane, either natural or plastic, as well as pre-woven cane.
Contact us to discuss other options or possibilities, including milling your lumber, producing a "kit" for you to build, or building specific parts for your project. 
Prices start at $2,500.
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Steaming the wood for the stems
Bending the steamed wood for the stems
Applying the epoxy to the fiberglass
Epoxy on outside of hull complete
Canoe in progress on the forms.  Clamps and glue keep everything together; no nails in the sides of the canoe.
Working on the canoe bottom
The finished canoe
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