John makes these shaker boxes the traditional way, painstakingly handcrafting them from various woods.  After cutting the thin wood strips for the sides and carving the 3-pronged edge, John steams the strips, hand-bends them around wooden shaping molds (which he also made) and fastens them on the sides with copper tacks.  He uses wooden pegs to attach the sides to the tops and bottoms.  Absolutely NO kits are used in making these boxes.

The name of the boxes comes from the Shakers, a religious sect that followed a doctrine of celibacy, and so relied on outside recruiting to maintain their numbers.  The sect virtually disappeared after the Civil War, and today there are just a handful living in Sabbathday Lake, Maine.

Purchase Information

John has discontinued making shaker boxes, at least for now.  The boxes listed here are all that remain as of our most recent update.  Please check with us for current avaliability.  Thank you.
Size 2    Light Blue  (2 in stock)
Approximate dimensions:    6"L  x  4 1/4"W  x  2 1/4"H
Size 3    Light Blue  (3 in stock)
Approximate dimensions:    7 1/2"L  x  5"W  x  2 5/8"H
Please Note:  Pictures are of the actual boxes being sold, but are NOT actual size.  Please check the dimensions for each one.
The wood used for the painted boxes is poplar, and the paint is water-based latex applied to mimic the traditional milk paint used by the Shakers.

Size 5    Light Blue
Approximate dimensions:    10"L  x  7 1/4"W  x  4"H
Size 5    Yellow
Approximate dimensions:    10"L  x  7 1/4"W  x  3 7/8"H
H-1    $30
H-3    $45
H-2    $35
H-8    $45

Size 4    Dark Green
H-12    $40

Size 5    Dark Green
Size 2    Pumpkin  (2 in stock)
H-7    $30
Size 2    Dark Green  (3 in stock)
Approximate dimensions:    6 1/8"L  x  4 1/8"W  x  2 1/4"H
H-11    $30
Approximate dimensions:    6 1/4"L  x  4 1/8"W  x  2 1/4"H
H-13    $45

Approximate dimensions:    8 5/8"L  x  6"W  x  3 1/4"H
Approximate dimensions:    10"L  x  7 1/2"W  x  4"H
Sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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Size 5    Yellow
Approximate dimensions:    10"L  x  7 1/8"W  x  3 7/8"H
H-14    $45